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Please click on the title to read the reports made by our lab students who participated in the IALE Beijing, 2011.

greengreengreengreengreenThe 8th IALE World Congress was held from August 18th to 23rd, 2011 in Beijing, China.From our NKK lab, 10 students along with the Professor participated in.
During the Congress, the lab students had opportunities to meet some lab alumni, Dr. Pan Yun of Capital Normal University, Beijing, Dr. Kamada Mahito (now professor of Tokushima Univ., Japan ), Dr. Hong Sun-kee and Dr. Kim Jae-eun (both are professors of Mokpo Univ., Korea), Dr. Saiful Arif Abdullah  (professor of Malaysian National Univ.), Dr. Kong Fanhua (associate professor of Nanjing Univ. China) and Dr. Suzuki Takeo (now assistant professor of Rissho Univ., Japan) who also went to Beijing attended the Congress.  Prof. Nakagoshi organized three symposia (respective reports will be written by Shazwin, Kaswanto and Ima; see the above list) which titles are (1) Low carbon society (2) Urban Ecology (3) Protected Area, which all were blessed with very large audiences, and in every symposium there were numerous questions concerning the future Landscape Ecology from the attendants.  It was a great opportunity to sum up all that we have undertaken in our lab for over 2 decades. We have also been able to identify new directions on how to combine the existing knowledge and technology of landscape ecology to further contribute to the global environmental issues such as global warming, biodiversity loss control, better urban planning, etc.  The Congress venue Beijing is one of the cities which is estimated to consume a large amount of energy in the near future, thus we hope the outcome of this Congress will be of great help to tackle such problems. Below, you can read the students reports covering various aspects of their new experiences in China, these reports will give you new insights since they are from their first-hand experiences in Beijing.  Prior to the IALE Congress, the HICEC Course was also help in Beijing, and 2 students (Funmi and Brando) attended the course. You can also read their report here.
HICEC Summer Course 2011 held in Beijing by Funmi

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