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Life in Beijing
Our first experiences in China during the 8th IALE World Congress

August, 2011

Reported by Lubis Jonh Piter Garoga

greengreengreengreengreenGoing to China  was  really a  good experience for all us.On getting there,we found out that the life style overthere was totally different from Japanes life-style. It was really eye-opeing. Walking around  the street was one of the surprising thing as we saw numerous unbelivable things. Many people crossed the road without waiting for traffic light to change to green colour. Using the public bus was another shocking thing in China, because Chinese people always made a lot of noise and pick calls in the bus. which you never experience in our quiet life in Japan. There were a lot of side distraction that caught our attention, for example, the way of shopping was indeed different from the Japanese style, because you can only buy goods according to your bargaining power. Generally speaking, people are really lively and hecticly moving around for their daily works and I imagine they were enjoying themselves in this way. In addition, food  in china was rather inexpensive but delicious, therefore we had a nice time most of the time.

greengreengreengreengreenDeparting from Hiroshima airport, the NKK Lab members attending the 8th IALE World Congress travelled together to Beijing at 14:30 by Air China. Food was one of the most important issues for us because this was our first trip to Beijing. Moreover some of us are Muslems who need halal food. Fortunately, in Beijing we could find many halal food restaurants.
greengreengreengreengreenOn  the first night we arrived, all of the NKK Lab members had dinner together in a restaurant near to our hotel which had been arranged by our NKK Lab Sempai (alumunus), Dr Pan Yun. At that time we also invited Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin to join our dinner, who was one of the speakers at the same conference who is also a joint researcher with NKK Lab. He also stayed in the same hotel with us which was located inside the Capital Normal University campus where Dr. Pan now teaches as a staff. Our main dishes that night were fresh water fish and chicken as well as Chinese sake. We  enjoyed our first dinner very much.


First Night Dinner.

greengreengreengreengreenDuring the IALE World Congress, the organizing committee also provided lunch for the participants. The lunch menu was either Chinese style or Western. All of us preferred the Chinese food to the Western food, because the taste of the food was more familiar to us.

Our First Lunch

greengreengreengreengreenOn the second night, we had dinner in different groups at various places. Some of us enjoyed dinner in an Arabic restaurant near to the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) which was a venue of the IALE Congress, while others enjoyed dinner in a Chinese restaurant near to Capital Normal University (CNU). In the Chinese restaurant near to CNU, Pekking duck was the main dish, with some other foods such as chicken, fish and vegetables. Meanwhile in the Arabic restaurant near to CNCC, mutton meat was the main dish with variuos vegetables. In the Arabic restaurant we enjoyed live music and dancing while we were eating.

Dinner in the Chinese Restaurant near the Capital Normal  University.

Dinner in the Arabic Restaurant near to the CNCC.

greengreengreengreengreenAs we wanted to have another experience of Chinese food, on the third and fourth nights we enjoyed dinner in Chinese Muslem restaurants. However, due to this, some of us who were not Moslims had dinner in different groups and different restaurants. Some of us had dinner in a Chinese restaurant near our hotel where we ate chicken and noodle, while another group enjoyed a dinner in the Chinese restaurant near to the Forbidden City: They told me they ate roasted mutton and fried rice.

Dinner at the 3rd night.

Dinner  on the 4th night.

greengreengreengreengreenThe fifth night was the most special night  because we had dinner together with all NKK Lab members including our Professor Nakagoshi and his wife, also with Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin, Mr Lee’s wife as well as the newly wed couple Dr.Pan Yun and his wife. Our dinner was sponsored by Nakagoshi Sensei in Hong Bin Lou restaurant on Zhan Lan Lu street which is one of the famoust Chainese-Muslem restaurants in Beijing. We ordered a lot of foods such as: Pekking duck, seafood, chicken, mutton, vegetables and others. We really enjoyed the dinner and we were so full.
greengreengreengreengreenThis dinner was particulally special because at that time, as we were able to celebrate the wedding of Dr. Pan Yun and his wife (Ms Wang Guanxiong who is a school teacher). They had married in May of the same year. We also celebrated our respective successes at the conference which ran smoothly. Furthermore, we celebrated the graduation of some NKK Lab members leaving Japan in September 2011. At the end of the dinner, we had a picture session which was a very emmotional momment because we knew we would miss this togetherness.

Wedding photo of Pan Yun (our lab almnus) and his wife in May 2011


    Last dinner in Beijing with Nakagoshi Sensei.

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