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IAVS Report: Travel to Mokpo

Beni Raharjo

Landscape Ecology Laboratory
International Development and Cooperation
Hiroshima University


About IAVS Conference

greengreengreengreengreenProf. Nobukazi NAKAGOSHI and five of his students attended the 55th Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS2012) in Mokpo, Korea from July 23rd to 28th 2012 as speakers at a special session titled “Asian Tropical Forests and Their Sustainable Management”. All students were involved in this special session which was organized by Prof. NAKAGOSHI and Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin of Bogor Agricultural University.

Getting on the limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Mokpo City


greengreengreengreengreenAs this was the first time for all students to visit Korea, we prepared carefully. Prior to our departure, general information on Korea, the symposium and Mokpo were searched on the internet and in the guide books. The following is an overview of the preparation that was undertaken prior to the departure.

  • Documents: Documents such as passport, visa (if needed) and invitation letters from IAVS were prepared. Fortunately, all students had Indonesian service passports which do not require VISA.
  • Tickets: Airline ticket
  • Currency: Korean Won (KRW) was exchanged from Hiroshima Bank (close to Hiroshima University, Saijo Campus). Each student exchanged about 500.000 KRW.
  • Clothes: There was no need for special clothing preparation as Korea has similar weather to Hiroshima. However, all students prepared their batik, an Indonesian national costume, for use in the presentation.
  • Paperwork: Some papers related to presentation were gathered. It was good idea to brush-up our presentation while on the airplane or bus.



greengreengreengreengreenChoosing the means of travel from Higashi-Hiroshima to Mokpo was probably the most critical choice before leaving. There are many alternative flights from Japan to Korea. However, considering costs and time, all students decided to take a flight from Hiroshima International Airport instead of from Osaka or Tokyo. Then, from Incheon International Airport (Korea), we took a bus to Mokpo. The detail of our travel itinerary is shown in the following table.

greengreengreengreengreenThere were two groups of student who travelled to Mokpo. The first group departed for Mokpo on 24th July 2012, while the other group departed on 26th of July. The itinerary for the two groups was the same.


greengreengreengreengreenMost students who attend the IAVS symposium were financially supported by GELs Program of Hiroshima University. The most expensive cost was airfare which is about JPY 51,000. Other expenses were JR train from Saijo to Shiraichi (JPY 190), bus fare from Shiraichi to Hiroshima Airport (JPY 380), limousine bus fare from Incheon Airport to Mokpo (JPY 3,500), and taxi fare from Mokpo Bus Terminal to Alex Hotel (JPY 500). A shuttle bus from Alex Hotel to the Symposium venue was provided by the symposium committee.



greengreengreengreengreenIt is always good to travel to a new country such as Korea. It has completely different culture compare to Japan even they are neighbors. Various cultural shows in the symposium and Incheon Airport performed by friendly actors and actresses gave a various very good impression of Korean culture.

Cultural performance in Incheon Airport


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