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 8th Biomass-Asia Workshop on
 “Biomass as Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technology”

Reported by Nhu Quynh Diep

greengreengreengreengreen "Biomass-Asia Workshop" is an international workshop which brings together government officials and researchers in the field of biomass from countries throughout Asia. This was my second opportunity to join such a Workshop with my supervisors.  I realized that Asia, the continent naturally possesses abundant biomass thanks to fertile soil, full sunlight and water, should wisely utilize its biomass to support its growing economies, growing populations in a sustainable context. Time to attend the workshop helped me to collect valuable information for my own research through technical reports, lectures about policies for promoting sustainable utilization of biomass as well as exchanged  opinion with some other researchers.
greengreengreengreengreen The 8th Biomass-Asia Workshop (BAWS) was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from Nov. 9th to Dec. 1st, 2011 under the joint organization of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), the New Energy Foundation (NEF), and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). About 200 people from 10 different countries as well as two International Agencies (ADB and IRENA) attended the 8th BAWS. This is the second time the workshop has been organized by the host-country in collaboration with Japan’s NEF and AIST, and the Biomass-Asia Research Consortium of five major Asian countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China). 

A commemorative photo of all participants

greengreengreengreengreen Many of the countries in Asia are rich in biomass resources due to their climate and other favorable conditions, however there is profound concern that their future economic and population growth will lead to both increased energy consumption and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Given this situation, biomass resources should be efficiently utilized for sustainable development. Thus, “Biomass as Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technology” was the topic of the 8th Biomass-Asia Workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to disseminate and share of technological achievements with regard to the effective use of biomass as a part of measures to prevent global warming and getting dependence on fossil fuels.
greengreengreengreengreen The Workshop started with opening speeches from AIST, NEF, VAST and related organizations followed by plenary lectures from overseas governmental organizations. Proceeded by, five technical sessions related to the sustainable utilization of biomass and the environmental technologies were held as listed belows:
1.Biotechnology in Sustainable Biomass Development
2.Sustainable Biomass Utilization
3.Sustainability Assessment and Environmental Technology of Biomass Utilization
4.Standardization and Industrialization of Biofuel
5.Utilization and an Industrialization of Biomass Energy Researches

Opening remarks by the Vice President of AIST, the Vice president of VAST and the Chairman of NEF  (from left to right)

greengreengreengreengreen On the last day, December 1st, the technical tour was a trip to visit a cassava starch factory and the biggest hydraulic power generation station in Hoa Binh province, 120 km North-West of Hanoi. In the closing session, the present status and future prospects of the Biomass Asia WS were discussed, with a final statement that the next 9th Biomass - Asia WS will be held in Japan, in the autumn of 2012.

Photos at the technical session

Photos from the technical tour to cassava starch factory
and Hoa Binh hydraulic power generation station

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