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Lectures & Research Initiation

China  Tour  2010
April 19 to May 10, '10

Report 1 

Nanjing University


←Notice board announcing a special lecture at Nanjing University

Prof. Nakagoshi Nobukazu gave a lecture entitled on “Nature Conservation System and Protected Area Management in East Asia: Usage of GIS Data-base and limitation”

Nearly 100 students mainly from the master’s course attended his lecture, and free discussion time encouraged them to raise new questions, surely inspiring the Chinese students to have a wider scope of future research activities.
Nanjing University students attending the special lecture.  


Joint Research:

After the lecture, an active discussion meeting was held during the luncheon with Nanjing University counterparts and staff. 
Proposals of the joint research were made to Dr. Kong Fanhua (lab alumnus) and Dr. Yin Haiwei, a specialist on Urban Ecology.

Prof. Ju Weimin presenting a certificate.

Prof.Nakagoshi receiving a certificate of becoming an Honorable ‘Invited Researcher’ of the Institute. The joint research will be conducted for 5 years at International Institute for Earth System Science (ESSI), Nanjing Univ.


Report 2   

Inner Mongolia University

Visit to the College of Environment and Resources of the Inner Mongolia University as invited professor has started since 2008.

Prof. Nakagoshi gave a lecture entitled “Restoration of Wetland Ecosystems in Western Japan.” Around 120 students mainly in their master’s program attended, and a lot of questions were asked.

Joint Research
After the lecture, an active discussion meeting was held during the lunch with the Inner Mongolia University counterparts and staff.

With the College of Environment and Resources, two activities are planned; those are “Research on grasslands of the Inner Mongolia”, and “Research on wetlands of the Inner Mongolia”.

Prof. Zhao Ji, Dean of the College of Environment and Resources is presenting the memorabilia of Inner Mongolia University.



  Report 3

Capital Normal University

Students attending accredited lectures by Prof. Nakagoshi
as part of the master’s program of the Capital Normal University in Beijing.

CNU students who attended the lecture of the regular course of Prof. Nakagoshi on Landscape Ecology.

Vice President , Prof. Dr. Gong HuiLi of CNU,Beijing  is presenting the memorabilia of Capital Normal University.

Joint Research

  1. With the Vice President, Dr. Gong , research on GIS Application Usage in  Landscape Ecology, and the Environmental Policy Making Recommendations.
  2. With Prof. Zhao, Research on air pollution substances.
  3. With the Dean, Prof. Li, Research on urban heat island.
  4. With our lab alumnus, Dr. Pan Yun, now an assistant professor, Research on Eco-hydrology in Beijing, will be conducted.

Since his teaching started, the first student from CNU had a chance to study in Hiroshima University, and Dr. Pan Yun got his Ph.D in September 2009.  He is now working as an assistant professor of Capital Normal University.



Report 4

East China Normal University

An active discussion meeting was held in Shanghai City.

Prof. Da Lianjun (back row, second right) and his master student (back left)  Joint Research are in the photo. 

Future research with Prof. Da who graduated from Chiba University Japan will be on the topic of the Suburban Areas Forest Ecology.



.With Prof. Li Xiuzhen, professor of the East China Normal University, discussion on organization as well as management of the IALE 2011 Beijing was held.

2011 IALE World Congress will be held in Beijing from August 18, 2011 - August 23, 2011


Report 5

Meeting the Lab Alumni

Dr. Fanhua KONG  Associate Professor,

International Institute for Earth System Science (ESSI), Nanjing University

Dr. Pan Yun, Assisstant Professor, Capital Normal University



Associate Professor Wang Lixin.

Vice Dean of the College of Environment and Resources of the Inner Mongolia University.

Dr. Zhao Bin is now a Professor of Fudan University in Shanghai.

With Prof. Zhao Bin, latest information on the governmental strategies on biodiversity in China and Japan were exchanged.



Dr. Li Xiuzhen came to IDEC of Hiroshima University as “Invited Professor” in 2003.

 She is now working as Professor of the East China Normal University.

There are two more doctors from China who are;

Dr. Halil Kurban

Professor of Shinjian Agricultural University



Dr. Xiong Zaiping

Researcher, Chinese Academy of Science


Other lab alumni are listed here.

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