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We assist you, if you are eager to brush up your English.


PublicationAlong with the basic policy of the graduate school IDEC, Hiroshima University, all the educational programs are held in English at NKK lab, and both Japanese and international students are encouraged to use only English during the lab seminar as well as in most of the other research activities. Our lab provides opportunities to upgrade your English.
Publication広島大学院 IDEC は日本にありながら、講義・研究が英語で行なわれる大学院です。 NKK研究室のゼミも英語による発表です。当研究室では、英語力の強化を希望する学生さん対象に、勉強会を開催中。

greengreengreengreengreen Here you can read some of the News Letters sent by Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese students

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Mr. Kameoka's Internship Report No.1,2,3 & 4
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Dr. J. Mabuhay's Wedding by Ched New
Ms. Ched Magaspar who was with us from 2009 to 2011 is now back to her work as Faculty of Ateneo de Manila Grade School. She helps the lab in distance by e-mails and Skype lessons, and also supports a lab student now (2012) studying in Manila.


TOEIC Results (July 2010)

6 months ago
July, 2010
Master Student A  
Master Student B  
Master Student C
Master Student D
Master Student E

We will update the future results.

Publication Activities currently conducted. (現在の活動内容)

@ Conversation Class (英会話クラス)
A Private Lesson (個人レッスン)
B Writing Composition (英作文添削)
C Proofreading/Editing your Scientific Paper/PPT Script
D Scientific English Learning Materials (科学英語教材等の提供)

Studying Material on Scientific English and preparation for TOEIC besides daily English is also available. Audio CDs and books are kept in the lab 407.  CD教材、英字新聞はいつでも貸し出し可能(保管場所407)

PublicationStudy supporters (講師の紹介)      

Conversation Skill Development

Ms. Ched Magaspar, Philippines
Mr. Robert Turner, UK
Mrs. Ipung Dian Setyorini, Indonesia

Ms. Feye Pasamonte, Philippines
Ms. Ana Mirana, Philippines

Writing Skill Development

English grammar
Mr. Robert Turner, UK

Writing style
Ms. Ched Magaspar, Philippines

Technical advice
Dr. Jhonamy Mabuhay (2005 graduate, professor of the Mindanao State Univ.)
Mr. Nick Walker, Australia

Writing support by Mr.Robert Turner

PublicationTOEIC Schedule:

TOEIC is one of the requirements to apply for IDEC, Hiroshima University. It is also a good opportunity to check your English level periodically. Please look at the NKK English Session File in the lab 407.

PublicationFurther inquiries : counselinghouse(at)hotmail.com (Mrs. Mimi N.)