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Beni Raharjo

Landscape Ecology Laboratory
International Development and Cooperation
Hiroshima University

1. An Overview of Sultan Adam Forest Park

greengreengreengreengreen Sultan Adam is a forest park in Indonesia, which is located in Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan Province. It is a unique forest park due to its size is the biggest in Indonesia (112,000 hectares in size), including the 8,000 hectares of Riam Kanan Lake within the park. It has important roles for development within the region by supporting hydro-power, irrigation, and eco-tourism. Moreover, Sultan Adam Forest Park also has important function in ecology in maintaining hydro-orology, living support, genetic bank, and the last frontier for biodiversity of tropical rainforest in the province. Those were the reasons the site is selected for research on development of the spatial decision support system based on landscape ecology.

Typical Landscape of Sultan Adam Forest Park

2. Purpose

greengreengreengreengreen The preliminary survey was aimed to take a snapshot of recent condition of the park for designing further data collection and next research steps.

3. Data Collection

greengreengreengreengreen Activities performed in this preliminary data collection were (1) interview, (2) literature study, and (3) consultation. The three activities were done in about three days in February 2012.
Interview was performed to seek the point of views of stakeholders of the forest park, namely central government, local government, the management of the forest park itself, and communities living within and surrounding the forest park. This interview was in an informal form because its purpose was only to design further detail one.

Local Community, One of Target of Respondent for the Interview

greengreengreengreengreen Literature study was one of very important step in these activities, especially on the rare and old local documents about the forest park. Of course, such literature couldn’t be found on the internet and only available in the certain library in the province. I visited some agencies’ library and offices to find some documents related with the forest park.
Consultation, one of the activities during the fieldwork, was done with some lecturer and other key agents. Academic people from Lambung Mangkurat University and field workers are my key agents for this consultation.

4. Result

greengreengreengreengreen The results of this preliminary survey were some important notes about the forest park from multi-stakeholders’ point of views. The feedback is still in puzzle and incomplete figures, however. It needs further analysis and more detail data collection. It is planned to take the detail data collection in September 2012.

5. Further Step

greengreengreengreengreen The results from this activity will be used as the basis for further detail data collection, which has been planned to be carried out in September 2012.

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