EcologyNKK Lab Field Study Report

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Field Survey Activities for Research

Muhamad Ikhsan

Departing for Indonesia

greengreengreengreengreenIn order to finish my study and thus fulfill the requirements for obtaining a master's degree from University of Hiroshima Japan, I spent the half of my vacation collecting data needed for my research. This holiday is from mid-February until the first week in April 2012. The retrieval of research data and additional information lasted from mid-February until the end of March 2012. I went to Indonesia on February 15, 2012 from Osaka Kansai Airport and arrived in Indonesia at 8.00 pm on February 16, 2012.
greengreengreengreengreenAfter arriving in Indonesia, for the first two weeks, I went to the office of the Directorate General of Planning in Bogor and the Ministry of Forestry in Jakarta for the purposes of retrieving data and holding discussions with officials in order to develop my report. The data I collected included very high-resolution image data, forest area data and land cover data

Site map of CA Patenggang

greengreengreengreengreenIn addition to discussions and collecting data in the Ministry of Forestry offices in Jakarta and Bogor, I also went to the Embassy of Japan, which is located not far from the Ministry of Forestry in Jakarta for my family visa as a condition of participation families to Japan.
greengreengreengreengreenFrom the beginning of March, I went to the study site, the Nature Reserve (CA) Patenggang I and II located in the city of Bandung, West Java Province. CA Patenggang is a conservation area with undistrubed forest conditions. CA Patenggang is an area that borders the Situ Patenggang Natural Park which is fairly well-known, and many Indonesian tourists visit Bandung city, West Java Province. Ca Patenggang borders a strawberry plantation which is a major commodity of farmers around CA Patenggang I and II.

Checking GPS data (left); SettingGPS tool (middle), through the forest (right)

greengreengreengreengreenBefore going to CA Patenggang I and II, I printed a map of high-resolution image location measurements in Bogor Planning office and then went to the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) office in West Java a request for letter of permission to enter the protected areas. In taking data at the site, I was assisted by officers from the Agency for the Assessment and Application of technology (BPPT) and officers of CA Patenggang I and II. Boundary location data surrounding CA Patenggang I and II areas was collected using a geodetic GPS device that has an accuracy of less than 1 meter and looks for additional data and information related to the CA Patenggang, I and II. The weather on the days of field data collection was poor. It rained heavily, so it was a challenge collecting the data. Retrieval of data in the field took about two weeks.
greengreengreengreengreenTo further enhance the quality of my research, after taking the measurement data in the field, I held discussions with the officials and employees of Planologi office in Bogor associated with research. Following this, I went to the Bogor Agricultural Institute in order to further enrich my information.
greengreengreengreengreenThe following I installed geodetic GPS software, input the GPS data from the field and processed the data from temporary results of field measurements at the Planologi Bogor office. On the morning of March 31st, I returned to Japan with my family, so as to continue my education at Hiroshima University. I hope to complete my study to a high level and in timely manner.

Take a rest (left); Strawberry plant (middle), Through the plantation (right)