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Field Study Report

Research Data Collection in Indonesia
This report written in Bahasa Indonesia is here!

February-March, 2012

Netty Mutiara

Waiting for check in
at Kansai Airport.

greengreengreengreengreenMy family and I went to Indonesia on February 15, 2012. The purpose of my visit was to conduct research data collection. We flew with Air Asia Airline to Jakarta from Kansai airport, Osaka. Prior to this, we took a bus from in front of IDEC building which transported us to Osaka. It took 8 hours. It took 7 hours from Osaka to Jakarta and we had to transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Finally, we arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia on 16 February 2012.


greengreengreengreengreenThe activities I undertook were collecting data and information related to my research including spatial data, literature, consultations and discussions. The data was collected at several institutions and agencies, both government and non-government related to REDD + (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Deradation Plus) di Sumatera.

greengreengreengreengreenFirst, I went to the Directorate of Forest Resources Inventory and Monitoring. I have worked there since when I was first assigned to the Ministry of Forestry Republic of Indonesia and continue to work there until the present day. I reported to the director, then I had discussions with several managers and general staff who understand and are involved directly in REDD +. I got more information about REDD + activities in Indonesia. They recommended I meet people from other parts of the Ministry of Forestry as well as from non-governmental organizations on issues related to REDD+, among others: Center of Environmental Standars, Agency for Forestry Research and Development, Expert Staff of Minister for Climate Change, ICRAF, CIFOR, Working Group on REDD +, and the Forest Protection and Nature Conservation. In addition, I also acquired spatial and non-spatial data and other information that I need to my research. Based on discussions and consultations accompanied by availability of data, I was informed that it is difficult to analyze? eight activities of Demonstration Activities (DA) REDD + in Sumatra. In consideration of the limitations and difficulties in obtaining data and that my study period was only for a further 1.5 years, they advised me to choose a location of DA to be analyzed.

greengreengreengreengreenI went to the Center of Environmental Standards. This institution is in charge of recording, monitoring, and coordinating REDD + activities through the Ministry of Forestry. There were 30 DA REDD + in Indonesia by 2010, and 8 of them are located in Sumatra. I was informed from the discussions that not all data and information about DA activities progress can be accessed. This is as to the Ministry of Forestry does not have the legal umbrella of REDD + ?that obligates every project listed in the Ministry of Forestry to report their progress and results. Thereby, the Center of Environmental Standards themselves find it difficult to fully access the results of every DA undertaken by the Ministry of Forestry. These condition reinforced that it is not possible for me to analyze all DA REDD + locations in Sumatra.

Office of Forestry Research and Development Agency


Office of Research and Development Center for Climate Change and Policy

greengreengreengreengreenI also went to the Forestry Research and Development Agency, a division of the Research and Development Center for Climate Change and Policy. I gained data and information on the progress of DA REDD + activities in several location in Sumatra. This data will be help me consider which location of DA REDD + will be analyzed.

Office of CIFOR

Consultation room in ICRAF


greengreengreengreengreen The next day, I went to ICRAF dan CIFOR in Bogor.I did consultations with senior staffs who are involved in REDD +. I also found data and information about REDD + activities.

greengreengreengreengreenAdditionally, I held done discussions with Expert Staff at the Minister for Climate Change in Jakarta. Mrs. Yetti Rusli gave me feedback and recommende I go to The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) office in Bogor. ZSL collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry, LIPI, and Jambi Provincial Government has a project related to REDD + is Berbak Carbon Initiative (BCI). In the ZSL office, I got data and information both spatial and non-spatial about BCI project.

Office of Burung Indonesia

greengreengreengreengreenI also located addition data related to biodiversity from Burung Indonesia. Here, I got data about bird distribution in Sumatra. The next stage, with a variety of considerations, I have to specify which location of DA REDD + I would choose as my study site.

This report in Bahasa Indonesia is here.