PublicationThe 4th Japan-China-Korea Joint Ion Analysis Symposium

Reported by Sherry Shi

greengreengreengreengreenThe symposium covered the latest developments of ion analysis in ion chromatography, capillary electrophoresis and related separation methods as well as applications. Oral and poster presentations were included in the two-day program.

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Time schedule

Dec. 8th, 2010

Dec. 9th, 2010

Dec. 10th, 2010




16:00~18:00 Registration
18:00~20:00 Welcome Party

9:00 Opening
9:20~11:50 Lecture
12:00~13:00 Luncheon Seminar
13:30~14:30 Poster Presentation
14:50~17:10 Lecture
18:00~20:00 Banquet
20:15~22:00Post-banquet Party

9:00~12:00 Lecture
12:10~13:10 Luncheon Seminar
13:30~14:30 Poster Presentation
14:50~16:45 Lecture
16:45-Closing Remarks


Welcome Party

18:00-20:00, December 8th (Wed), La. Rose Provence (1st floor of Juroku Plaza)

greengreengreengreengreenThis was my first time to join this kind of party, it made me feel surprised, Through this pleasant way of communication, I could interact with professors from different countries and factory managers, enhancing the understanding between us.

Ion Analysis Symposium December 9th -10th
Discusstion Topics;
1) Detection and separation systems in IC
2) Capillary electrophoresis and microchip-based separation
3) Flow Injection Analysis
4) Sample preparation methods
5) Application to determination of ionic species in all areas

greengreengreengreengreenThis symposium brought together researchers from Japan, China, South Korea and some South-East Asian countries. They brought their own research results and discussed how to develop technology and products. With these aims, they presented their planned publications. Through this occasion I was able to understand and learn a lot of new knowledge. I also got a lot of support and advice form experts. I was very glad to have this chance to attend this academic exchange.Below, let me introduce a selection of the Symposium presenters.

Tanaka and Nakagoshi laboratory members (Hiroshima University)

Plenary Lecture 
Prof. K. TANAKA   (Hiroshima University, Japan)
Separation sciences in ion-exclusion chromatography using multifunctional separation mechanism for water quality evaluation of environmental waters

Daisuke Kozaki  (Hiroshima University, Japan)
Electrostatic ion chromatography by UV detection of common inorganic anions on an anion-exchange conversion column in the iodide-form using water eluent

Chao-Hong Shi  ( Hiroshima University ,Japan)
Water quality monitoring on Haji-dam for watershed by using ion-exclusion chromatographic system

Takashi Ozaki  (Hiroshima  University, Japan)
Application of advanced ion chromatography to water quality evaluation of several environmental waters in Indonesia

Presenters from China
Prof. Zhu Yan   ( Department of Chemistry Zhejiang University ,China)
[Ion chromatography with column-switching technique for complex matrices]

Prof. Kong Yong  (Changzhou University, China)
[Separation of amino acids enantiomers with conducting polymer electrode column by
potential-induced technique tecnique]

 Prof. Bingcheng Yang (East China University of science and Technology ,China)
Ion exchange resin bead-based microscale electrodialytic devices foe capillary ion chromatography

China Team

This Symposium had many Profs. and experts from China.

Presenters from Japan
Dr. M. NONOMURA, (Evaluation Research Institute for Environmental Technology, Japan)
[Application to the JIS methods for the determination of halogenated compounds in flue gas by ion chromatography]

Ph.D Shin-Ichi Ohira (Kumamoto University ,Japan)
Separation of Ions from sample matrix for ion analysis

Prof. Masanobu Mori (Gunma University, Japan)
Ion-exclusion chromatography using multifunctional cation-exchange column

Presenters from Korea and Indonesia
Prof. Rahmiana Zein (Andalas University, Indonesia)
Determination of heavy metals ion in Pantau fish(Poecilia reticulate) living at Muara river

 Dr. Sang-Ho Nam, Mor PoNational University, Korea
A study on the speciation of elements by chromatography method coupled with atomic spetrometry
A total of 24 people published their study, these researchers respectively from China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.

Presenters from the business world
 Dr. Lina Liang (Dionex China, China)
Deteermination of carbohydrates in traditional Chinese medicine by ion chromatography

Mr. Shinji Sato   (Tosoh Corporation , Japan)
High throughput ion analysis of environmental samples
The company representatives introduced their state of the art products and technology. Dionex China is developing rapidly in China.

Poster Session

greengreengreengreengreenDuring the poster discussion over two days, researchers from different countries displayed their respective research. I met a lot of famous professors and experts, and I was able to communicate with them. From them I learned a lot about the professional knowledge and information which will be useful for me.

At Banquet

greengreengreengreengreenEach participant was present at the dinner party. Through this dinner, everyone once again made a profound exchange and understanding as well as for our future direction of research and technical exchanges between nations, so we can all have clearer objectives.
greengreengreengreengreenAs many as 180 participants attended this symposium, many have published their research achievements or technical development results, and many are providing knowledges, advice and assistance to developing countries to solve problems. Thought this exchange I met a lot of professors and got know my research deeply and its insufficiencies, so I am thankful to Prof. Tanaka and Prof. Nakagoshi who gave me such learning opportunities.

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