PublicationNakagoshi Lab Report

124th Annual Meeting of
the Japan Forest Sciety, Morioka, Japan

Reported by Eko Prasondita, 2013 graduate

     The 124th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Forestry Society was begun in Iwate University. Iwate University is located in Iwate Prefecture's capital, Morioka City, which is one of the principal cities in the Tohoku region. Our journey took about 7 hours from Higashi Hiroshima station by using Shinkansen. The departure time was 10.00AM and we arrived at 5.00PM. All of the participants stayed in Toyoko Inn near Morioka Station. As we know that Iwate prefecture is the second largest prefecture in Japan, its area is seven times larger than Tokyo's. The whole prefecture of Iwate is well known both for its spectacular natural beauty, such as the Rikuchu (sawtooth) Coast and Mt. Iwate (called "NANBU-FUJI").


     This meeting was started from the 25th to 28th of March 2013 which was divided into many activities including poster presentation. The first day of poster presentation was held on 26th March 2013 which have 221 poster presentation and 10 oral presentation. One of our member joined poster presentation in these day. However, six members participated in the second day of presentation with total presenter were 225 poster and 9 oral presentation.

     Hiroshima University especially the Prof. Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI laboratory participated in this meeting which is seven lab members participated in the poster presentation related to forestry case in Indonesia. The participants presented the poster in titles:

1. Aboveground Biomass and Plant Species Diversity in Damar Agroforest, Sumatra, Indonesia, presented by Eko Prasondita;
2. Development of Effective REDD+ Implementation Planning, Merang REDD Pilot Project, Indonesia, presented by Netty Mutiara;
3. Post-fire Succession at Forest Vegetation in Giam Siak Kecil Wildlife Reserve, Riau, Indonesia, presented by Eny Haryati;
4. Comparison Between Visual and Automated Delineations on Forest Boundaries Using High and Low Resolution Images in Patenggang Nature Conservation Area, Indonesia, presented by Muhamad Ikhsan;
5. Evaluation of Mangrove Forest Ecosystem Service in Denpasar, Indonesia (a Preliminary Study), presented by Hamiudin;
6. A Stochastic Approach on Spatial and Temporal Hazard Assessment on Forest Fire in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, presented by Beni Raharjo;
7. Spatio-temporal Pattern and Driving Forces of Landscape Fragmentation during the Implementation of Regional Autonomy in Batang Merao Watershed, Sumatera, presented by Rachmad Firdaus;

     The posters were talking about forestry cases in many countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Korea, etc. The participants could be presented their poster in two languages though English and Japanese. However, all participants of Nakagoshi lab members presented their poster in English.


     Poster presentation was started from 11:30 to16: 30 by the core time were from 12:30 to 13:45. There was a lot of information we can find and learn for our references. This event was also held in every year and we can publish and present our journal in this meeting. There was a very interesting event due to all of forestry cases could be found in here. Even we presented our poster in English; surprisingly we met many Japanese able to speak Bahasa Indonesia who was joining with the JICA project for many years in Indonesia. So, we just talked with Bahasa to them because they ask some question in Bahasa too.

     Our professor recommended us to attend the oral presentation talked about the real condition of the Tropical Rainforest in the world. The presentation begun at 02.30PM in different building with poster presentation but it was not too far. This activity is strongly necessary to develop our idea and make good relation with another scientist that have the same and also different knowledge with our scholarly. Finally, participant would like to acknowledge the Global Environmental Leaders (GELs) Program of IDEC, Hiroshima University that has supported us to attend this meeting.


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