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Ms. Ched Magaspar
Faculty at Ateneo de Manila Grade School


"Today, I married my best friend"

These were the words of Jho as she said her wedding vow to Dawin.

Dr. Jhonamie A. Mabuhay studied at IDEC, Hiroshima University several years ago. Prof. Nakagoshi described her as one of his most diligent students. She went to Japan when she was very young but her age did not stop her from working very hard and realizing her dreams. She is now an accomplished professor herself in the Philippines and would frequently return to IDEC as a guest researcher.

Dr. Mabuhay is a native of Palawan Island, hailed as the cleanest and greenest province in the Philippines and home to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Puerto Princesa Underground River. When she came to the Philippines after her post- graduate study in ecology, Dr. Mabuhay returned to her alma mater in Mindanao where she served as a faculty member. She is currently one of its university administrators.
She met Dawin while in Mindanao. They spent a couple of years as friends before finally deciding to tie the knot. Dawin’s family also resides in Palawan Province, the venue of the wedding. Present in the event were their family and loved ones. Mrs. Nakagoshi graced the event as the representative of Prof. Nakagoshi, who could not be there due to a conference in Japan. She was one of the primary sponsors. In Christian weddings, agreeing to become one means becoming a second parent to the newly weds. They can consult their “ninong and ninang” whenever they have problems.

During the reception Mrs. Nakagoshi gave a speech for Dr. Mabuhay and her husband. She told them it was a miracle that they met each other. Her advice to them was to cherish every moment they are together. Dr. Mabuhay was close to tears as she listened to the warm words of Mrs. Nakagoshi.

A day before the wedding several guests including Jho's students studying in PhD course at Mindanao State University, enjoyed a day trip together. They joined one of the Eco Tours, and went island hopping along Honda Bay and had a sumptuous picnic by the beach. This was an event that will forever be with Dr. Mabuhay.

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