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Study Areas
Nakagoshi Lab, Hiroshima University 
Landscape Ecologyleaf
Land use change
Forest Ecologyleaf

Forest management
Forestry resources
Forest fires          
Disease control
Watershed Managementleaf
Water resources
Resource sustainability
Wetland Ecologyleaf
Endangered species
Conservation                Ecosystems                   
Grassland Ecologyleaf
Plant species                  
GIS Technologyleaf

To interested students,
you are welcome
to join our team.
Students who chose Nakagoshi Lab
came from as far as
Latin America,
Middle East,
and the Pacific.

Japanese and foreign
in Nakagoshi Lab
do not only engage
in academic activities
but also learn
each others
cultures and tradition.
We involve in
outdoor seminar classes,
vegetation surveys
and cooking, etc.

Nakagoshi Lab leaf has become one of the many famous laboratories among  many international and Japanese students of IDEC.
Nakagoshi Lab leaf offers courses centered with biology and environmental sciences. Central focus of the laboratory involves studies in ecosystems and resources management.
  The lab also offers studies in land use changes and urban development using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), an advanced technology tool utilizing air photos and satellite images.
Many of the students who graduate Nakagoshi Lab leaf have studies and specialized in different fields on natural sciences. Some fields our students specialized include landscape ecology, plant ecology, ecosystem management, forest ecology, conservation and resources management, microbiology, forest fire and pine disease management, agro farming pesticide management.
Other studies involves using GIS for forest management, rehabilitation of degraded vegetation, dam construction and natural habitat management processes. 
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