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The revision of Hiroshima city greenery master plan:
An estimate of its influence on structure and function of urban green space.

Satoki Hayashi

Keyword: Greenery master plan, Urban green space, Urban heat island, GIS, Hiroshima city
・Greenery master plan: Master plan that a municipality sets out the image, aims and measures for conservation of green space and promotion of green area. The master plan is based on the opinions of residents and  it is published as the Article 4 of the Urban Green Space Law.

Background: ・In recent years, global warming and the heat island phenomenon are hot issues. There are various renewable energy and energy saving means to achieve the low carbon society. Land management is one of them. Hiroshima greenery master plan published in 2001 is under review now (2011).

Precedence research:

1. 52.6% of the urban green space are parks in urban green space delta zone in Hiroshima delta(Moriguchi2000).
2. Te
mperatures are lower near green space and riverside in Hiroshima(Kiyota2007).

Objective: Analyze from both park vegetation survey and GIS data in Hiroshima city. Estimate the future by comparing the new data and past data (Moriguchi 2000, Nakagoshi 2006).

Study site:
・Hiroshima prefecture Hiroshima city. Area is designated as urban green space delta zone by greenery master plans in Hiroshima city.

・Vegetation survey at the same parks(197points) in reference to paper (Nakagoshi 2006).
・Investigate tree species and diameter at breast height(DBH), more than 1.3m height.
・Analysis of heat island by using GIS remote sensing by the river on the delta area.

・KIYOTA T et al(2006)The study on countermeasures against the heat island phenomenon in the urban area.J.Environ.Eng;AIJ,No 602,69-75
・MORIGUCHI T(2000) Evaluation on the existence style of urban green area and the environmental richness. Unpublished Master’s thesis in Hiroshima University (in Japanese)
・NAKAGOSHI N(2006)Recovery of greenery resources in Hiroshima City after WWⅡ. Landscape Ecol Eng2:111-118

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森口俊宏、2000:都市緑地の存在様式とその環境財としての評価. 広島大学大学院国際協力研究科修士論文


中越信和(2006)第二次世界大戦後の広島市緑地資源の回復. Landscape Ecol. Eng2:111-118
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