PublicationNKK Lab-Research Report by Ms. Funmi O. Kuti

Student from Nigeria

Funmilola Oluwatosin KUTI from Nigeria is one of the master’s students at the NKK lab, here she will introduce her research activities in Japan.

My Research Introduction

Potential Wood Biomass Estimation for Local Fuel in Higashi-Hiroshima

greengreengreengreengreen Since it has been known globally that the use of fossil fuels is causing global warming, scientists and researchers are now looking for alternative energy sources. Due to this situation, forest products have being recognized as one of the best alternative candidate for energy production. This will help the society to achieve a low carbon society. In view of this, my research work is to identify different types of tree species for energy feedstock that can be found in Ikoinomori, Gagarayama and Kagamiyama parks. These parks are located in Higashi-Hiroshima City. The identification of the different type of tree species and the collection of their samples are going to be carried out. The data obtained are going to be utilized for the estimation of energy content that can be obtained from each species. I have embarked on several field trips to the forest for sample collection. Samples usually collected include the tree bark and leaves.

One of samples collected in Ikoinomori forest (Styrax japonica)

greengreengreengreengreen The leaf samples obtained were arranged for proper drying thus forming a herbarium. The herbarium formed is aimed at identifying the trees through their leaves.

One of the species sample for herbarium

I was able to collect my samples with the help of Ms. Maki Watanabe and Mr Yamasaki who are NKK members.
On August 9th at Gagarayama with Ms Maki Watanabe (left) my lab mate, and Mr. Yamasaki (right)

greengreengreengreengreen The challenges faced so far is in the area of identification of the leaf species names. I have to obtain the Japanese names of the species before I can search for their botanical names. This takes some time in achieving this. During the field survey, I was able to see how Japanese people manage and preserve their forests. My interaction with Japanese people makes me to know that they are very respective and very neat.

To Be Continued greengreengreengreengreen

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