NKK Lab-Research Report by Ms. Funmi O. Kuti

Student from Nigeria

KUTI Funmilola Oluwatosin from Nigeria is one of the master’s students at the NKK lab, here she will introduce her research activities in Japan.

Her first Research Roport can be read here↓

My Research Introduction:
Potential Wood Biomass Estimation for Local Fuel in Higashi-Hiroshima

PublicationREPORT ON  MY RESEARCH  PROGRESS (As of December 15, 2010)

greengreengreengreengreenI will like to referred a little bit to my last report and then continue from there. My research work based on  how we can replace using of fossil fuel with renewable energy that will reduce the effect of global warming around the world .My research is on a small scale level for Higashi Hiroshima community .I started by collecting  tree leaves sample to make Herbarium .The purpose of this herbarium is for proper identification of different type of species that can be found around Higashi Hiroshima forest .Also this will help me to know the botanical name and the family which they belong to.
greengreengreengreengreenFor more clarification of this work, I took a further step to make a quandrant of  a specific area at my site location(Ikoinomori forest). This will help me to be able to know the dominant species at Ikoinomori,how many species that can be found there and  to know  which one that will be a good candidate in terms of their energy content. Also, I will be able to make a GPS of  the tree to know where they are located at the site.
On 13th November 2010, I went to Ikoinomori  to make the quadrant .This was made possible with the help of my lab; mate, led by Efsan.We made a quadrant of 1m x 1m, 2m x 2m, 5m x 5m and 10m x 10m.After collection of  data at the site,I was able to make some analysis .The preliminary result is shown on my seminar report.

Our laboratory members who helped me during my data collection at Ikoinomori forest.
From left to right; Mr. Kameoka, myself, Ms.Nur Maliki, Mr. Efsa and Mr Heri.

To Be Continued greengreengreengreengreen

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