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September, 2010

greengreengreengreengreenStudents attending the English Session send their Weekly News Letters during the summer break. Here we present a series of News Letters sent from an Indonesian student in Master's Course of IDEC, Hiroshima University. Mr. John Piter Lubis is now back in Indonesia, and he reports on his field works starting from preparation to the actual field work.

Brief Preparation before Leaving Japan

greengreengreengreen Before leaving Japan on September 5, 2010, I had to prepare two important letters regarding my data collection and ground investigation in Indonesia. The first letter was the official Supervisor’s letter from Nakagoshi Sensei and the second one was my own formal letter. Both of these letters, I sent to Balai Pengelolaan Daerah Aliran Sungai Pemali Jratun (BPDAS Pemali Jratun) which is the regional office of the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia in Semarang, Central Java Province. By doing that, I hope they will allow me to get data that I shall need and also assistance for conducting ground work for my research. 

greengreengreengreen In order to conduct ground work, I also prepared a ground investigation map. This map consists of 25 sample points which covered Bodri Watershed area from upstream to downstream and represented all land cover classes that I had classified before. This map will be very useful for me as a guideline in the field. By using this map I will verify the land cover that I had classified with the existence of land cover in the field. Handy GPS (Garmin etrex Vista HCx) is needed for searching the sample points. I also need a camera for documenting the land cover of sample points. Therefore two of them are the indispensable items that I should also take to the field with me.

Short Trip Japan-Manila-Indonesia

greengreengreengreen On September 5th, 2010 was my happiest day ever because I was coming back to my homeland Indonesia. It was 8:00 o’clock when we left Saijo by bus to Kansai airport. Three of us took Cebu Pacific airlines to Indonesia. Around 8:30 PM, we departed Kansai airport and arrived at 11:30 PM local time in Manila. As our flight from Manila to Jakarta was 7:30 PM the following night, we had to stay one night in Manila. We went directly by taxi to the hotel which we had reserved beforehand by Internet.

Luneta Park greengreengreengreen Manila Cathedral

greengreengreengreen September 6th, 2010 was my first experience of Manila. We truly didn’t want to overlook this opportunity to observing Manila. After taking our breakfast, we decided to go around Manila. We hired a taxi from 10AM to 4PM for visiting several interesting and important places. First place we visited was Rizal Park which is an urban park situated in the heart of Manila, known as Luneta. Then, we went to Manila Metropolitan Cathedral which is not so far from Luneta. We also visited the Rizal Museum Manila, Rizal was one of the Philippines Heros during the Spanish colonial period. The last place we visited was SM Mall of Asia which is the newest and the biggest shopping mall in the Philippines.

Rizal Museum
greengreengreengreenSM Mall of Asia  

greengreengreengreen When we went around Manila I felt like I was in Indonesia because Filipinos almost look like Indonesians. We have the same face and skin color. We also almost have the same taste of food like spicy and salty. In addition, the weather in Manila is like Jakarta. Therefore it was not too difficult for us to stay in Manila. During our tour in Manila, I also saw some problems regarding waste management, slum areas, and public transport system which were almost the same as Indonesia. I think most developing countries also face these problems.
greengreengreengreen After finishing several hours of small sightseeing in Manila, at 19:30 local time we left Manila by Cebu Pacific Airlines and arrived in Jakarta around 00:30 local time on September 7th, 2010. It was midnight. There were no more airport buses to my destination Bogor. Therefore I went by taxi to Bogor and arrived home at 2 AM. From September 8th to 13th, 2010 were national holidays in Indonesia for the Idul Fitri celebration. During this time I couldn’t go to my office in Bogor. Therefore at that time, I enjoyed my short vacation with my beloved family.

To Be Continued greengreengreengreengreen

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