Publication URBIO 2010

The 2nd International Conference of Urban Biodiversity & Design (URBIO2010)

The Nagoya Declaration URBIO 2010 was adopted on 21st May, 2010. 

URBIO 2010 Urban Biodiversity & Design was held in Nagoya, Japan, from 18.-22. May, 2010
It is an open worldwide scientific network for education and research with the aim to promote urban biodiversity through a continuing dialogue in the CBD, Convention on Biological Diversity, initiative on “Cities and Biodiversity”. The URBIO 2010 was held prior to CBD_COP10, which will also be held in Nagoya in October 2010.

All programs of the URBIO 2010 have been concluded orderly as scheduled.
From our lab 8 lab members participated; they are Kiki, Wang Ronghua, Lee Hyojin, Kaswanto, Sony, Endan, Shazwin and Professor Nakagoshi. All of them presented their research outcomes relating to the design of low carbon society which is one of the Gels main research objectives.

PublicationOutcome of URBIO are 9 scientific papers written by the lab members.

Rizki Amelgia & Nakagoshi, N.

Perception of forest function by local people in TNGP West Java, Indonesia

Nakagoshi, N. & Kondo, T.

Urban greenery planning for low carbon societies in Asia

Wang, R.-H., Kawamura, K. & Nakagoshi, N.

Urban heat island and landscape: linking spatiotemporal variations in surface temperatures to land-cover and socioeconomic patterns

Shazwin Mat Taib, Endan Suwandana & Nakagoshi, N.

Using GIS to assess potential urban biomass recovery from forest and green area waste in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Endan Suwandana, kawamura, K. & Nakagoshi, N.

Critical issues on green area, urban waste and coastal habitat degradation in Jakarta, Indonesia

Kaswanto, Nakagoshi, N.& Hadi Susilo Arifin

Sustainable of mountainous watershed landscape societies: the difference between northern and southern areas of West Java region, Indonesia

Kuruniawan Puji &, Nakagoshi, N.

Succession from traditional to disturbed forest system in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Lee H.-J., Kawamura, K., Watanabe, N., Sakanoue, S. & Nakagoshi, N.

Hyperspectral canopy reflectance as potential tool to estimate and map pasture biomass and quality in a grazed pasture, Hokkaido, Japan

Hadi Susilo Arifin & Nakagoshi, N.

Landscape ecology and urban biodiversity in tropical countries

Professor Hadi Susilo Arifin is one of our lab’s joint researchers from the Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. Now one of his former students, Mr. Kaswanto has joined to study at the our lab since October 2009.

These papers can be found in the Imanishi, J and Hon, J (eds) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Urban Biodiversity and Design, URBIO Organizing Committee, Nagoya.
PublicationOther achievements made by the lab members:
Due to the nature of the International Conference, English was manily used (though it was held in Japan), and since all of the lab students who attended the URBIO conference were foreign students and have a good command of English and their native tongues (such as Chinese, Korean, Malay and Indonesian), they also worked hard as staff members of the organizing committee, and during the conference, helped the respective sessions’ Chairperson (supporting the computer operation, PPT data adjustment, etc.) exhibiting the full extent of their ability.

The lab members also participated in the conference excursion of three days heading to Okayama and Tottori, and deepened their insights and understanding towards nature of western Japan including the cultural landscape and hydrology in two prefectures. Their trip also made them able to visit one mineral water bottling factory.

Such excursions are always a good chance to broaden one's horizons, and the experiecnes surely enabled students to expand their views to wider fields not limiting their interests only to their own research targets.