PublicationNKK Lab Report

The 6th VAST-AIST Workshop
June 18th -19th, 2012

Reported by Nhu Quynh Diep

greengreengreengreengreen The VAST-AIST Workshop is biannually organized by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) or the National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Industry (AIST) alternatively based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed for the future friendship and research collaboration between VAST and AIST.

Prof. Chau Van Minh, President of VAST

Dr. Masahiro Seto, Vice President of AIST

greengreengreengreengreen The 6th VAST-AIST Workshop was hosted by the Vietnamese side, at the great hall of the VAST’s headquarter in Hanoi. More than 100 researchers joined the Workshop, including 12 researchers from Japan as well as others from 17 VAST institutes located across the country (Space Technology, PMU of VNRED Sat 1 Project, Vietnam National Satellite Centre, Geophysics, Geology and Marine Geophysics, Information Technology, Marine Biochemistry, Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, Energy Science, Physics, Tropical Biology, Chemical Technology, Institute of Resources Geography, Material Sciences)

greengreengreengreengreenOn the first day- June 18th, the opening ceremony was held and opening speeches were delivered by both institutions, VAST and AIST. Later on, three parallel sessions were conducted according to the research themes as follows:

Parallel Session 1: Space Technology and Geophysics
Parallel Session 2: Marine Biochemistry and Pharmacy Chemistry
Parallel Session 3: Environment Technology, Energy Science and Biomass

greengreengreengreengreen There were 50 oral presentations and 24 posters at this Workshop. 

greengreengreengreengreen I met Mr. Giang Vu Nguyen (a former Master’s student of NKK Lab) and we made oral presentations in session 1 and 3 respectively. We both are researchers of the institutes belonging to VAST. At this Workshop we had a chance to meet a lot of researchers working in the same research field, and shared our research interests and results as well as our learning experiences, and established good relations so that we can keep in touch for future collaboration.

Mr. Giang Nguyen Vu
& I (Nhu Quynh Diep)

Plenary Session

Parallel Session 3

greengreengreengreengreen On the second day- June 19th:

greengreengreengreengreenA technical tour to the Thang Long Industrial Park was organized. In addition, a session of “Discussion between VAST and AIST on future collaboration”, focusing on the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park Project Proposal was conducted.

greengreengreengreengreenMy impression:
This was the second time I participated in the VAST-AIST workshop. Comparing to the previous workshop the 4th held in HCM city, the number of researchers appeared at this event was a bit smaller, and thus, reported research items were fewer. However, regardless of the size, there were a lot of interesting research viewpoints presented, and a lot more discussions for future collaboration between the two institutions as the core research institutes of Vietnam and Japan. By attending this Workshop I have collected quite important data indispensable for my own research, and thus I am now more aware of the right directions for developing the Vietnamese energy system.