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2011 Autumn



Monday, October 10th, 2011

greengreengreengreengreenThe welcome party is a regular event that is organized by our professor for welcoming new students in the laboratory. The party of this semester was also attended by students of our NKK lab on Monday, October 10th, 2011, which was a national holiday called ‘Sports Day’.
greengreengreengreengreenOur lab students went to Nakagoshi Sensei’s house divided into two groups. The first group left early at around 9 am, they gathered in Saijo Eki JR station, because the train departed for Kaitaichi station at 9:15 am. The second group left at 9:45 am. The reason why the first group left early was because we had the task to prepare the equipment for the barbeque in Nakagoshi sensei’s garden. The first group consisted of: Beny, Neti, Eko, two of their sons, Ikhsan, Eny (whom they are new comers) as well as Ima, Bagus, Ida, Anjar, Heri, Rahmad and Ann Sensei (our English class teacher). The second group was made up of Kaswanto, his wife and their baby daughter. We had another group that went to Sensei’s house by car whom they were Daisuke, Eri, Genki, Satoki and Takuya, and the only member who came late was Taishin.
greengreengreengreengreenThe route to Nakagoshi sensei’s house using public transport is a train from Saijo station bound for Hiroshima stopping at Kaitaichi (fifth station from Saijo station). After changing to the Kure line, you get off only at the next station, after that, take a bus to sensei’s house (Kumano destination). The price of a train ticket is 480 JPY per person. We got off the bus when we saw a red tower which is our landmark always. Then we walked about 30 meters to Nakagoshi Sensei’s house from the bus stop. The return route is almost the same, just in the opposite direction and the destination is Yano station. When we arrived at Nakagoshi Sensei’s house, we were greeted by Nakagoshi Sensei and his wife with their son.

Preparing food for the welcome party (* new students )

greengreengreengreengreenBefore the welcome party started, male students prepared equipment for the barbecue in the garden. Another student helped to hang up the national flag of each new student in the space provided. Other female students were in charge of picking three kinds of herbs in the garden. The scientific names of the herbs were Melissa officinalis, Salvia dorisiana and Capsicum annum. (photo below)


Harvest of herbs (A) greenMelissa officinalis, (B) greenSalvia dorisiana,
and (C)
greenCapsicum annuum /Japanese pepper, (D) the flower of greenSalvia dorisiana.

greengreengreengreengreenThe herbs were used as garnishes for pizzas and egg rolls. The menu at this welcome party was Japanese Egg Roll (tamagoyaki), Pizza, Pasta as well as barbecue with muton, beef and chicken. Grilled salmon and vegetables were served with red rice and white rice. There were also fish flakes, an “omiyage” from an Indonesian student. Beverages provided at this event were teas, fanta, Coca-Cola and beer. Ice cream was served as one of the desserts. After egg rolls ingredients were ready, some female students (Ida, Ima and Eny) with Ann Sensei alternately attempted to make egg rolls. Pepper, salt and chili powder were sprinkled on two beaten eggs then herbs that have been cut thinly were added. The featured menu at this welcome party was Pizza and Pasta cooked from ingredients carried by Nakagoshi sensei from his trip to Italy. We also enjoyed candy from Italy. The pizza and pasta sauce was prepared by Naomi sensei, while Genki helped to serve it to all the other students.

Kanpai toast

Barbecuing and boiling pasta in the garden (*New students)

greengreengreengreengreenOur lab's welcome parties always open with the toast saying, "kanpai", toasting with each person who participates in the event before drinking together. After that, the event continues with the introduction of each student's name and the study field, then we start eating together.
greengreengreengreengreenA big event always awaited is a BINGO game. All the participants wrote 24 numbers from 1 to 75 on their paper, which should not include the same numbers. The winner is the participant who has the appropriate composition of five numbers released by the BINGO game machine. The position of five numbers could be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The MC’s of Bingo game this time were Heri and Satoki assisted by Eri.. After every welcome party, one attendee is requested to make a report (this report). Our sensei appointed Ida as the reporter, and to motivate the reporter, a brooch from Italy was given to her. All participants received gifts, but only the first few people who got BINGO could choose their prizes themselves from among the Italian themed prizes.

BINGO game

Students with their respective BINGO game prizes

greengreengreengreengreenSadly, the welcome party finished at 4 pm. This event always closes with a group photo together in front of Nakagoshi Sensei’s house.

Members of NKK Laboratory (*NEW MEMBER)

New comer students are:

  • Beni Raharjo
  • Eko Prasondita
  • Netty Mutiara
  • Muhamad Ikhsan
  • Eny Haryati
  • Im Nara ( not present )
  • Gong Zhe (not present

上記レポートの和訳:林 里樹



中越先生の家まで公共交通機関を利用して行くには西条駅から広島行きの電車に乗り海田市駅(西条駅から5番目の駅)まで乗りました。海田市駅から呉線に乗り換えて隣の矢野駅で下車しました。料金は一人480円でした。矢野駅からバスで熊野方面に向かいました。いつもの目印、赤いタワーが見えると下車し中越先生の家まで30メートル程歩くと到着です。帰りも同じ道です。中越先生の家に到着すると私達は先生夫婦と息子さんに出迎えてもらいました。 .
(写真) ハーブの収穫 (A) レモンバーム (B)フルーツセージ (C) さんしょう (D) フルーツセージの花





(写真) ビンゴゲームの景品を手に先生と記念撮影する生徒達


(写真) 中越・川村・近藤研究室のメンバー *新入生)