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Welcome Party 2012 Spring

Reported by Eri Sakaguchi

greengreengreengreengreen A welcome party for the new members of Prof. Nakagoshi's research lab was held last April 7th. The event, which happened at the professor's residence, was also held to celebrate the start of the new semester. Around twenty- five people attended the party.

greengreengreengreengreen Some of the lab members arrived early to help prepare the food with Mrs. Nakagoshi. When the rest of Prof. Nakagoshi's students arrived with their families, everyone helped each other set up the tables and finish preparing the dishes. And at noon, we all gathered and introduced ourselves. The party started afterwards.

greengreengreengreengreen The theme of the party was Japanese food. Since the research lab consists of many foreign students, Prof. and Mrs. Nakagoshi thought of giving them the chance to know more about Japanese cuisine. I demonstrated how to cook negiyaki. Negiyaki is a dish made from flour, eggs, Welsh onion and soup stock.
greengreengreengreengreenThe second in the menu was goma ae. Its ingredients are spinach, sesame seeds, sugar and soy sauce. One lab member, Dr. Hadi, has never prepared goma ae by himself so I helped him cook it.
greengreengreengreengreen The last one was a dessert called sata andagi. This doughnut originated from Okinawa. It is made from flour, eggs, sugar and baking powder. Dr. Tran of Ryukyu University is a native of Okinawa. But he has never made any sata andagi by himself before so just like Dr, Hadi, I helped make the doughnuts.

greengreengreengreengreen After eating, everyone participated in the BINGO game. Bagus hosted the activity and I assisted him. We called out one number at a time until someone has formed a vertical, horizontal or diagonal pattern of numbers in the BINGO card. At the end of the game, all the participants received a gift from Prof. Nakagoshi.

greengreengreengreengreen The game ended at around 4pm. All who were there helped clean up the place. We worked together and it only took a short time to finish the job. All of the things were returned in their proper places. Finally, we took some group pictures before going home. Everyone had a good time and we were all thankful to Prof. and Mrs. Nakagoshi for hosting the party for us.

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