EcologyNKK Lab Report

The 10th Hiroshima Mountain Forest Day
residents’ meeting

June 4th 2011
Chugoku Newspaper Hall

Reported by Satoki Hayashi

My impression
greengreengreengreen I have read many of Prof. Miyawaki’s publications. He is one of most influential ecological researchers in my life. This time I heard his talk directly and shaking hands with him was a wonderful experience. It was indeed a very good opportunity to hear from various personnel like governor, professor, alpine club and economist.

green13:30〜:Opening ceremony by the chairperson Toshihiko Itoh and the vice governor Hiroshi Arioka.
green13:50〜:Commemorative lecture “Rehabilitating home forests with local trees” by Emeritus Prof. Akira Miyawaki (The director of International Ecology Center,? Institute of Global Environmental Strategies, Yokohama National University.)
green15:00〜:Commemorative symposium “The future of Hiroshima Mountain Forest day”
Panelists: Tadao Kanzaki (Chairperson of The Japan Alpine Club)
Akiko Doumoto? (Former governor of Chiba prefecture)
Takemichi Tsurumi (Vice chairperson of the Shikoku region Forest Rehabilitation Network)
Toshihiko Itoh (Chairperson of Mountain Forest Day)
Coordinator: Nobukazu Nakagoshi (Prof. of Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University, Majored in forest ecology)

greengreengreengreengreenBefore the opening ceremony, a 10 minutes' movie was showed on Prof Miyawaki visit to Tohoku region disaster area. A lot of salt breeze protection forests with only one species like a Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora) or Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii Parl) were damaged by the Tsunami. Most of the debris in the disaster area are not waste but instead a resource. Trees can be replanted in debris and soil mix mound nurturing rich forests within 20 years.

greengreengreengreengreenIn the opening ceremony, the chairperson Mr. Itoh advocated more citizen’s action as this is the 10th meeting. Followingly, the vice govener of Hiroshima prefecture Mr. Arioka stated that Hiroshima prefecture is collecting a 500yen/year/person forest tax. This tax is used for various mountain forest management activities. Mr. Arioka also introduced one of his experiences, which he has his own mountain forest, yet he, as the owner, only received 1300 yen for pruned branches. What’s more, he has once attended President Karuzai of Afghanisan when the president came to Hiroshima officially, and Mr. Arioka pleasantly discribed that how the president was surprised at the amount of greenery in Hiroshima.

greengreengreengreengreenIn commemoration lecture Prof. Miyawaki talked about his involvement in tree planting activities all over the world showing many pictures. He believes females can live to 130 years, males can live to 120 years so he will continue planting trees for 30 more years. He is confident that he will not suffer from overwork death. He spoke very fast and actively, and made jokes, he is indeed powerful and looks young so nobody believes he is 83 years old. Prof. Miyawaki further commented that even highly advanced science and technology can not revive a dead creature. Being alive is the best. The Earth has been alive for 4.6 billion years. The most important thing is to continue species from generation to generation. Only 0.06% genuine forests of natural species such as Castanopsis, Machilus thunbergii and Quergus remain in western Japan. Almost all are cash conifer forests like Pinus species. Central Park in NY is genuine forest but almost all urban parks in Japan are manmade. Peace Boulevard in Hiroshima is one such. Prof. Miyawaki researched potential natural vegetation all over Japan and in many parts of the world, he also planted original native trees using the Miyawaki method. This method was developed by Prof Miyawaki. Fences of only 50cm width in schools or houses can also be regarded as forests. Genuine forest does not require any management. Experience is more important than cramming. Philosophy is more important than superficial technology. Genuine things have roots. The same as human’s legs and hips. Genuine forest can not defeat the Tsunami. Let’s make genuine forests that remain for 9000 years. Green from one’s feet. From Hiroshima to the world!.......... I was inspired by his hot lecture.

greengreengreengreengreenAfter the break, panel discussion was held with 4 panelists (Itoh, Domoto, Tsurumi and Kanzaki) and the coordinator Prof. Nakagoshi.
greenFirst, Mr. Itoh talked about the history of Hiroshima Mountain Forest Day and his fund rising role.
greenSecond, Ms. Doumoto talked about spending all her time climbing when she was a university student. When she was the governor of Chiba prefecture, she understood the importance of biodiversity.
greenThird, Mr. Tsurumi talked about the private issues in his life which led him to choose a career in forestry. Now he is attempting to create a 1000 year forest in Ehime prefecture.
greenFourth, Mr. Kanzaki talked about his relationship with mountain. He as part of a team climbed Everest five times. The current mountain climbing population ratio of middle and advanced aged women is rising.
greengreengreengreengreenAfter each panelist spoke, hot discussion was held by all panelists and the coordinator. Here I would like to summarize some of the notable comments.
greenIf picnic food is eaten by the bear in Yosemite National Park, USA, we must pay a penalty. National Park Sheriff has more power than the local police.
greenIn Korea, Politician is very eager to attend forest management hearings.
greenThe present situation of Japan was also introduced.
greengreengreengreengreenInclosing the symposium it was suggested to make a declaration in commemoration of this meeting on the Mountain Forest Day which was agreed by the entire audience, and then Ms. Segawa the vice chairperson declared.

Ecology日本語版 (Japanese Translation)


第10回ひろしま「山の日」県民の集い 報告書


13:30〜 開会セレモニー ・伊藤利彦実行委員長・有岡宏広島県副知事
13:50〜 記念講演「ふるさとの木による ふるさとの森づくり」 
宮脇 昭(財団法人地球環境戦略研究機関、国際生態学センター長、横浜国立大学名誉教授
15:00〜 記念シンポジウム 「山の日」のこれから