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57th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of Japan

Venue: The University of Tokyo

Dates: March 15 to 20

Poster Session Main Gate of Tokyo University
Professor Nakagoshi & his students with 2 lab alumni
from Korea

ESJ Attendees were Prof. Nakagoshi, Sony, Efsa, Giang, Kaswanto, Kameoka, Wang, Tokuoka, Kiki,Watanabe, Yamasaki and Dr. Someya!

Every one had a great opportunity presenting their latest research, and each and every participant was satisfied with his/her contribution to the scientific community.

Dr. Someya (right) , our lab's brand new doctor, standing in front of his research display.



染矢 貴、中越信和

Sony in the oral session, is presenting his paper on the latestest tropical forest assessment method. The Dynamics of Insect (As a Biological Indicator) from the Pristine to the Disturb landscape in Central Java Indonesia

Karuniawan P. Wicasono, Efsa Caesariantika, Nakagoshi, N.


Giang (left) at his poster. Urban landscape and its environmental reciprocal impacts in Hanoi Nguyen V.G. & Nakagoshi, N.
Kiki with her poster. Non Timber Forest Product Utilization by Local People in the national park Gunung Gede Pangrango, West Jave, Indonesia Rizki Amelgia, Kondo,T. & Nakagoshi, N.


Wang and Kaswanto together with an alumnus Dr. Kaneko (second left) of Kyoto University at their posters.

Impact of Land Use Change on Hydrology and Land Use Pattern in West Java Region


Monitoring spatial-temporal changes of the thermal environment using Landsat images in Beijing

Kaswanto, Nakagoshi, N. & Arifin, H.S.


Wang, RH., Kawamura, K. & Nakagoshi, N.

Other papers from the lab presented at ESJ are as follows. people









people Next in May URBIO 2010 International Conference, and more than 10 lab members will present their joint research.people