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Some of the alumni who have greatly suceeded in their places.

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Prof. LiAurora State College of Technology, PhilippinesPhilippines

Dr. Eusebio ANGARA is now the President
, and
Dr. Rotaquio Eutiquio Jr. de LEON is a lecturer.

Prof. LiMindanao State University, PhilippinesPhilippines

Dr. Jhonamy MABUHAY is just promoted to a Professor 2.


Prof. LiBrawijaya University, Indonesia Indonesia

Dr. Rodiyati Azrianingsih has been promoted to be an Associate Professor
Dr. Amin Setyo Leksono, Dr. Luchman HAKIM and Mr. Brian Rahardiis are lecturers

Prof. LiFrom: Dr.Li Xiuzhen Xiuzhen's message
former Invited Prof. of Nakagoshi Lab.
Prof.LiXiuzhen, Nakagoshi Lab.

August 1st, 2006

Hello, this is Xiuzhen
greeting to you from Shenyang, Northeastern China.

The summer here is much cooler than that in Hiroshima.
Welcome to visit me!
I am glad to have shared a couple of months with you at the IDEC, Hiroshima University. I enjoyed your friendship and the nice scenery in Japan as well.
Busy as always, I am happy to play with my daughter again now. Here is her recent photo.



Laura's messageFrom: Dr. Laura Petrov Romanian flag
Dr.Laura Petrov, an alumni

Dear colleagues, LauraHELLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

“HELLO!!” and hope that everybody is doing great.

July 6th, 2006 Laura

As everybody probably knows I’m working as a post-doctorate at the European CommissionEU, Joint Research Centre in ItalyItalian flag. But today I’m writing you for saying that I’m sooo happy for getting married in August 2006. However, on 22nd June we already had the civil ceremony in Dublin, IrelandIreland. Please, see our pictures!!

Wish the best to you all!!!!  And, hope to hear from each of you from time to time. Laura P.

Dr.Laura PETROV, Nakagoshi Lab.


Hiroshima University IDEC, Hiroshima University